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Onyx Building System has a formidable reputation of being a dependable construction firm in Sharjah Saif Zone. Onyx provide reliable & quality construction materials for the Industry, Viz Aluminum , ready mix , foundation and masonry have enabled us to embrace diverse projects throughout Sharjah and beyond.

Onyx have come along way in the field of warehouses and structural steel roof structures. We Ove to be the best Warehouse contractors in Sharjah Saif Zone. A specialist team of design engineers and experts, offers the latest innovative technology in structural engineering. With variety of design excellent quality control and specialized service, we offer our customers the most economical structures available in the field.

Onyx has a decade of experience in Office Building Constructions. Our facilities range from single buildings to multi- buildings campuses with durable and diverse design.

Since after its inception Onyx has been executing various Office Building Construction Projects in Saif Zone. The Company has made outstanding contributions to Civil engineering projects.